Snow corridor in Japan

One of the favorite routes of the Japanese – Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. By the spring of Tatem Hill can be reached only by road, on both sides of which are huge layers of snow. This “great wall of snow” has a height of 20 meters. Corridor “cut through” in the thick snow, and that its axis coincides with the axis of the road on the side of the roadway has special multimeter with a pylon mounted radio transmitters in them. Travel by road to the private road transport is forbidden, while passing buses are equipped with electric motor, so as not to contaminate the sparkling whiteness of the snow corridor walls.

High Speed Photography

These photos are made with extremely high shutter speed, which helped to catch those moments. In ordinary life our eyes simply can not see it.

Darvaza Gas Crater

Darwaz (in turkmen language Derweze) – Gas Crater in Turkmenistan. People call it “The Door to hell”, or “Gates of Hell”. Located 90 km from the village Erbent.

In 1971, near the village Darwaz in Turkmenistan, Soviet geologists discovered a cluster of underground gas. As a result of excavations and drilling exploratory wells geologists stumbled on an underground cavern (void), because of what the land had failed and formed a big hole filled with gas. Rig with all the equipment and vehicles fell into the formed hole, the people in this incident were not injured. To harmful to humans and livestock noxious gas did not come out, they decided to burn it. Geologists have speculated that the fire was extinguished within a few days, but were mistaken. Since 1971, natural gas, coming out of the crater, continuously lit day and night.

Nothing which has got inside, can no longer escape. Any living creature is doomed. Once in the afterlife through this “door”, no one can escape. Buzzing and bursting with hot air, a crater with a diameter of 60 and a depth of 20 meters. Gas comes out of the ground, separated by hundreds of different-sized burning torches. In some flares flames reach 10-15 meters in height.


Amazing macro photos of mold.

Karmen Orlić Gržetić

Beautiful black and white photos by Karmen Orlić Gržetić, a talented photographer from Poreč, Croatia.

Forced Perspective Photography

Forced perspective technique that uses an optical illusion when the object appear farther away, closer, more or less than it really is. It is mainly used in photography, film and architecture. It manipulates the human visual perception with the help of large-scale objects and the relation between them and the angle of the viewer or camera.

Here is stunning collection of forced perspective photos and pictures taken by various artists.

A perfect fit in a tiny apartment

Steve Sauer’s tiny Seattle home. Sauer likes this precision. Wasted places and awkward spaces annoy him. Two alarm clocks, two music sources or extra furniture is needless. He tend to like things in their place.

This reminds me Japan’s Capsule Hotels.

Ukrainian nature

Wonderful Ukrainian landscape.