High Resolution Paintings and Drawings from the State Hermitage Museum

Creative cakes

Japan 1886

These wonderful hand-painted photos of old Japan presented with a history lesson on how it flowed life at the turn of 19 and 20 centuries. In the 80 years of 19 century for mostly Europeans access to the Japanese interior was closed, one of Italian photographers managed to capture the old Japan. Hand-painted pictures were beautiful and realistic, and to this day, they remain for us striking evidence of long-vanished world. Author of pictures is Adolfo Farsari, who lived in Yokohama, after a brief military career.

Adolfo Farsari (February 11, 1841, Vicenza, Austro-Hungarian Empire – February 7, 1898) – American military, an Italian photographer who worked primarily in Japan. Born in Vichenche, which at that time was part of Austria. In 1859 he emigrated to the United States, where he went to serve in the cavalry. In the U.S., got married, but soon divorced. In 1873, together with her two children moved to Japan, where he became co-founder of Sargent, Farsari & Co., which produces posters, cards, registration books and journals and other works. At the present time Farsari are in private collections and various museums. In 2004, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts hosted an exhibition of his work.

Wedding Photo

Every marriage contains something unique and unrepeatable.

Digital Art

Retro game remake art

Darvaza Gas Crater

Darwaz (in turkmen language Derweze) – Gas Crater in Turkmenistan. People call it “The Door to hell”, or “Gates of Hell”. Located 90 km from the village Erbent.

In 1971, near the village Darwaz in Turkmenistan, Soviet geologists discovered a cluster of underground gas. As a result of excavations and drilling exploratory wells geologists stumbled on an underground cavern (void), because of what the land had failed and formed a big hole filled with gas. Rig with all the equipment and vehicles fell into the formed hole, the people in this incident were not injured. To harmful to humans and livestock noxious gas did not come out, they decided to burn it. Geologists have speculated that the fire was extinguished within a few days, but were mistaken. Since 1971, natural gas, coming out of the crater, continuously lit day and night.

Nothing which has got inside, can no longer escape. Any living creature is doomed. Once in the afterlife through this “door”, no one can escape. Buzzing and bursting with hot air, a crater with a diameter of 60 and a depth of 20 meters. Gas comes out of the ground, separated by hundreds of different-sized burning torches. In some flares flames reach 10-15 meters in height.

Dávid Szakály hypnotic animation

Hypnotic animation.

Painting on stone by Ernestina Gallina

The author of these remarkable works – Ernestina Gallina from Italy. She discovered a new, exciting world, which was able to combine his love for painting and also to animals and works with acrylic paint on a stone since 1996. Her paintings – a product of her creative imagination, combined with inspiration from the natural form of stone. Educate the delicate art of adults and children, and in 2006 she founded the Italian Rock Painting Club. Her works flaunt in many private collections and exhibitions. Personal Ernestina Gallina web site is www.pietrevive.it

You can buy painting lesson on Ernestina Gallina rock painting lessons page, each is about a specific animal and includes detailed painting instructions.

Cat portrait on rock painting video by Ernestina Gallina: