Baptiste Debombourg staple art

For most of us staples – is an essential office supplies, which are indispensable in the workplace, but for the artist Baptiste Debombourg these tiny pieces of metal are a unique items that can create unusual works of art. Baptiste Debombourg paintings may include 450,000 staples, the location of which must be carefully considered so as not to make mistakes. At the moment, the artist has an impressive portfolio. For many years, the French artist perfected this unique technique, raising it to the level of the famous classical paintings. Instead of creating a work of art more than the standard method: watercolor or oil paints, Baptiste uses these simple objects, which are all familiar with in daily life, and provides food for thought.

High Resolution Paintings and Drawings from the State Hermitage Museum

Japan 1886

These wonderful hand-painted photos of old Japan presented with a history lesson on how it flowed life at the turn of 19 and 20 centuries. In the 80 years of 19 century for mostly Europeans access to the Japanese interior was closed, one of Italian photographers managed to capture the old Japan. Hand-painted pictures were beautiful and realistic, and to this day, they remain for us striking evidence of long-vanished world. Author of pictures is Adolfo Farsari, who lived in Yokohama, after a brief military career.

Adolfo Farsari (February 11, 1841, Vicenza, Austro-Hungarian Empire – February 7, 1898) – American military, an Italian photographer who worked primarily in Japan. Born in Vichenche, which at that time was part of Austria. In 1859 he emigrated to the United States, where he went to serve in the cavalry. In the U.S., got married, but soon divorced. In 1873, together with her two children moved to Japan, where he became co-founder of Sargent, Farsari & Co., which produces posters, cards, registration books and journals and other works. At the present time Farsari are in private collections and various museums. In 2004, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts hosted an exhibition of his work.

Contemporary Wall Art

Interesting art collection of several canvases, which gathered together creating a unified picture. In this picture you can experiment with the distance between the canvas to achieve the custom look. These paintings are the perfect complement to the modern and the traditional filling of space, as well as a good gift for art enthusiasts.

Digital Art

Retro game remake art

Painting on stone by Ernestina Gallina

The author of these remarkable works – Ernestina Gallina from Italy. She discovered a new, exciting world, which was able to combine his love for painting and also to animals and works with acrylic paint on a stone since 1996. Her paintings – a product of her creative imagination, combined with inspiration from the natural form of stone. Educate the delicate art of adults and children, and in 2006 she founded the Italian Rock Painting Club. Her works flaunt in many private collections and exhibitions. Personal Ernestina Gallina web site is

You can buy painting lesson on Ernestina Gallina rock painting lessons page, each is about a specific animal and includes detailed painting instructions.

Cat portrait on rock painting video by Ernestina Gallina:

Anatolijus Stiško lithuanian painter

Anatolijus Stiško Born in 1937.
1966 – graduated from Vilnius Art Institute. Actively participate in exhibitions.
1974 – Member Painter Union.
1978 – The creative mission to England, Belgium and the Netherlands. Art Studio of the Museum in those countries.
1979 – Spring comes to painting sketch Lyduokius, Lithuania. There is organized art festival. Since then, Lyduokiai becomes his work and life in a permanent location. From his residence in Kaunas moved to Griežioniai (Lithuanya) rural homestead.
1986 – Honoured Artist. Personal exhibition in Kaunas.
1988 – International realistic art at an exhibition in Sofia.
1994 – A trip to Germany. Organize humanitarian aid for Lyduokiai school children.
1995 – Personal exhibition in Germany.
1996 – The creative work in Germany.
1998 – Participates in the international exhibition “Interkulturtage”, jointly organized by humanitarian action – in Germany, demonstrates the art Ukmergė school children painting, graphics Horizont Laden Galerie – Goslar city.
1999 – Personal exhibition Ukmerge Museum.
2000 – Together with German artists and their students from the School of Arts of Ukmergė, and Vilnius Art Academy students organized and conducted the project “Campaign – 2000” monumental fresco in Lyduokiai school room.

For several years the village by the artist Griežionių Cultural Heritage rescue the project – the nineteenth century “small architecture – Crucifixion restoration and reconstruction.

The artist has become many prestigious prize winner. Many writes, publishes essays and articles on art and cultural topics. Fosters cultural and educational activities. Lives and works in the creative work of his homestead, Lyduokiai.

Artist’s works are in Lithuanian and foreign museums and private collections in England, the USA, Japan, Israel, Canada, Kazakhstan, Poland, Norway, France, Russia and Germany.

Olivier Derouetteau

Amazing cartoon style digital illustration by Olivier Derouetteau.

Olivier Derouetteau web site is

Portraits of Chinese girls

Artistic portraits of Chinese girls.